- a matter of life or death

The MWFA defibrillator project team has been working towards supplying defibrillators to all 'senior fields' for 2017 season.

The last two club purchases have been made so we need to ensure we have players and managers who are confident to operate the defibs in the case of an emergency.

We are one of the largest Senior clubs, so I would hope we have a strong engagement.

There is a very short registration process and two questions to complete, 10 minute process. The rego is important as it will show which clubs are trained and which clubs are to complete training.

** Also as we have 4 home fields I will be asking BHFC home team to set up flags + defibs and put away. Thanks everyone who has helped thus far!

Click on the link below and in less than 10 minutes
learn what to do with it in an emergency:

MWFA Defib Awareness

- John (JT) Tansley, BHFC 35/45's Assistant.


The WU12/1A's have had a great season finishing in 2nd place and will be playing semis next weekend. The girls have been a bit unlucky with injuries and illness, but to their credit they haven't let it stop them and they have powered through the season - a great result for their first year in competitive football and in Div 1. Good luck in the semi's girls!


What a season the 12/1B's have had! After opting for Div 2 at the beginning of the year, they were put in Div 1 and had a bit of a tough start. When the comp was split, they were put in the Div 1B comp and have been much more suited here. The girls now play in the semis on Sunday - such a great achievement. Good luck 12/1B's.


Congratulations to W13/2A, who won their league by a significant margin. "We are very excited to play another great Beacon Hill team, W13/2B, in the semi-finals next week. Well done to all the girls who, win or lose, always came off the field smiling"


The 13/2b team have had a great season finishing in 4th place and are off to play semis against the 13/2a's next week. These girls have proven they are a force to be reckoned with after coming up from division 3 last year. Sadly it won't be an all Beacon Hill grand final as one of these teams will be knocked out next week! Congratulations on making the semis 13/2b All Stars.


Congratulations Beacon Hill FC Women's AL1s for winning the Major Premiership & Premier League team placing second.


Good luck the WAL3 - Playing semi finals next week. They had a great year.


WAL4 are a team made up of new players to football and a few older ladies competing. Playing the semi final next week is a great bonus on top of the great season of new friendships and laughs. It was never on the plan but now that they are here they are dreaming of a grand final day.

Players requiring Beacon Hill playing Shorts

The Beacon Hill ammenity block at Beacon Hill oval will be open for players wishing to purchase Beacon Hill playing shorts ($25 ea) & or other merchandise on Friday nights commencing the 3rd of March from 7pm - 9pm & for the rest of the season.


Beacon Hills Female teams are looking for the following:
Womens U/11-3
Womens U/12-1
Womens U/13-1

Womens AL1 / 2s - GoalKeeper
Womens O35 - Players
Womens All Age - Players
W035 - Coach

Please contact Maria Pollard 0413 486 424

PARKING in Kerry Close
REMEMBER, when parking in Kerry Close there is NO PARKING in the turning circle. This is clearly signed and is illegal. Police regularly target this area and if you are you are parked illegally you will be booked. In addition, please remember those people who live in this street are our neighbours and friends and deserve your consideration.

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